Endorsed by the Federal government

Protected by the U.S. Constitution and numerous precedent setting judicial decisions, those working in the field of chaplaincy have the opportunity to influence public life for the Kingdom of God without violating the policies of "separation of church and state." In fact, chaplaincy is recognized by the U.S. government as a "relevant" and "essential" part of its representation of the people.

Defined as "ministers in the workplace" chaplains hold positions in the military, hospitals, universities and countless public service and community organizations. They also play important roles in many government and state legislative bodies. Until recently, aside from those that have been directly involved in, or touched by the field of chaplaincy, the work of the chaplain has limited recognition within the Christian world. Chaplaincy is now experiencing phenomenal growth in America and around the world.

Our Mandate is Clear

The primary job of a church minister is to meet the needs of those within the church body. Church ministers are called to make sure the church members of their congregadations have their needs met. But, what about those individuals outside the church? Who ministers to them? We believe it is everyone's responsibility to reach out to the world around them with the love of God expressed through practical ministry. The ICT is committed to help believers from virtually every denomination accomplish that work.

In order for people in the world to come to Christ, they must see believers who are real, and simply in love with Jesus. Hurting individuals will not necessarily respond to those who know how to preach, but rather to those who extend the love of God to those around them in practical demonstrations.

As believers, we must learn to minister the way Jesus did. Athough Jesus was absolutely holy in everything He did, people flocked to Him and never considered him untouchable. They could relate to Him and were attracted to Him because the first focus of His ministry was to meet the people where they were. He did not condemn them for their unbelief and sin, He simply met their needs and through the relationship that resulted, He was able teach and impart spiritual truth.

That kind of evangelism is the heart of the Chaplaincy Training Program at ICT. We must meet individuals where they are, accept them for who they are, meet their needs and make use of every opportunity to share the truth of God's love with them.

Whether you want to pursue a career in chaplaincy or just learn how to be a more effective witness for Christ in your everyday life, the training available at ICT could prove invaluable to you.

Classes are forming now. For more information about ICT and how we can help you realize your God given call, please email, write or call us today!


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