Certified Chaplaincy Training Course

Session One - Marketplace Ministry Dynamics
By contrasting the differences between marketplace directed ministry and traditional church directed ministry, the student will gain an understanding of the appropriate circumstances in which each method should be employed.

Session Two - Effective Workplace Ministry
To prepare the student to meet and exceed the expectations of his/her employer while effectively meeting the needs of the people in his/her care.

Session Three - Understanding Cultural and Religious Diversity
By understanding and appreciating the diversity of our culture, the student will learn how to overcome personal biases and minister to individuals possessing diverse belief systems without compromising his/her Christian testimony.

Session Four - The Laws that Govern our Work
By gaining a working knowledge of the laws that protect and govern our work as chaplains,the student will learn how to limit personal liability and assure his/her work does not violate the laws governing the separation of church and state.

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