Certified Chaplaincy Training Course

Session One - Applied Apologetics
To allow the student to effectively communicate with others why Christians believe the fundamentals of the Christian faith. The student will also be challenged to personally apply these convictions and recognize their intended effects.

Session Two - Ethics, Responsibility and the Importance of Character
To provide the student with an ethical framework which he/she can reference when making difficult decisions. The primary responsibilities of the chaplain will also be explored as well as the importance of demonstrating consistent Christian character.

Session Three - Fundamentals of Relationship Building
To communicate to the student the importance of building foundational relationships within the workplace so as to gain the opportunity and privilege of ministering to the needs of others. Students will also be taught communication skills to use in the community to "network" with
other individuals and organizations.

Session Four - Resource Development and Needs Assessment
To teach students how to assess specifically what individuals asking for help need, beyond what the person is verbally communicating. To attain that goal, every sucessful chaplain needs a list of resources to draw from. The students will be taught how to develop a supply of information in which to match "need" with "resource."

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