Certified Chaplaincy Training Course

Session One - First Response Counseling (Crisis Intervention)
To prepare the students with the skills and confidence needed to effectively manage crisis situations. How a chaplain responds to crisis profoundly impacts the lives of those involved. We prepare our students to deal with the situation at hand, as well as provide effective strategies to deal wiith their own stress, anxiety and emotions when confronted with these challenging situations.

Session Two - Phone Skills, Letter-Writing and Follow-Up
To teach the students proper technique, boundaries and the importance of followup ministry, including specific telephone etiquette and letter writing skills.

Session Three - Grief and Loss (Practical Compassion)
The process of grieving in response to a siginificant loss requires time, patience, courage and support. Our goal is to equip students with the practical skills necessary to minister to the wide range of emotions that individuals experience during those times and to teach them support techniques that will be effective during the grieving process.

Session Four - Internship Preparation
To examine the doors of opportunity open to the students within the community in order to utilize their chaplaincy training. Students will be given information concerning what is availableand what will be expected of them during their internship.


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